Why Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)?

Why Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)?

Hypochlorous acid (also referred to as HOCl) is an acid that is naturally produced as part of our immune system during phagocytosis, and has a has a low pH. HOCl has a variety of consumer applications as a disinfectant that kills many different types of bacteria and fungus on the skin surface. With virtually no side effects, our customers use our line of products as often as needed to cleanse the skin, relieve irritations, and restore well-being. 

Is Hypochlorous Acid natural?

Yes – hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by your white blood cells so that you can defend against infection and bacteria. If you are injured and have a cut or wound on the skin, or have surgery that leads to scarring, your body uses naturally produced hypochlorous acid to kill harmful germs, fungi and bacteria.

What is Sonoma's Triple Mode of Action?

Our products have a Triple Mode of Action and profound impact on infection, inflammation and scarring. They are anti-microbial, anti-irritation, and regenerative.

  • Anti-microbial - In-vitro and clinical studies of Microcyn Technology breaks down the biofilm along with having impressive anti-pruritic, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties.
  • Gentle on the skin - A powerful way to relieve skin irritations, our products treat common conditions while reducing irritation, itch, pain, scarring and harmful responses.
  • Regenerative - A gentle and safe solution that increases blood/oxygen flow, resulting in faster, more effective response and improved appearance.

Our products are gentle on the skin. Unlikely most disinfectants that contain alcohol or another astringent cleaning agent, Sonoma's pure hypochlorous acid formulations on gentle when applied - they do not sting and do not cause additional irritation when applied or on wound sites. 

To learn more about Sonoma's clinical studies and approvals, you can read over 100 peer-reviewed articles here or view our regulatory approvals here.

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