Collection: Skin Care

Discover the power of Sonoma Pharmaceutical's skin care products, featuring Microcyn Technology, a clinically proven solution for managing wounds and skin irritations. Ideal for daily use, our skin care products can be applied directly to sensitive areas of the skin, providing effective relief.  

With over 20 years of expertise in wound care and dermatology, our products utilize Microcyn Technology to eliminate microorganisms on the skin.  

Our flagship product, Regenacyn Advanced Scar Gel, incorporates hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and silicone, which makes it different from any other scar gel on the market. HOCl is naturally occurring and clinically proven to remove microorganisms from the surface of the skin. This gentle yet effective cleanser is suitable for daily use on all skin types, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience without common side effects.   

Experience the unmatched benefits of our Skin Care Collection, where cutting-edge technology meets proven results. Make Sonoma Pharmaceuticals your go-to solution for relieving common skin irritations such as eczema, sunburn, rash, and abrasions. Our products not only deliver exceptional results but also care for your skin with a soothing touch, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

Our skin care collection includes these best-selling products:  

Regenacyn Advanced Scar Gel Regenacyn Advanced Scar Gel improves appearance and resolution of scars, burns, and keloids. Regenacyn is different from most scar products because it contains both Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and silicone in a single convenient and easy to use scar product. 

Reliefacyn Advanced Itch and Rash Hydrogel Relieve pain, itch and irritation from minor skin conditions including sunburn, minor abrasions, and burns with Reliefacyn Advanced Hydrogel. Reliefacyn is formulated for relief and daily use at home. It is gentle on the skin, no-sting, and does not contain alcohol.  

Lumacyn Clarifying Mist Lumacyn Clarifying Mist is a pH balanced daily toner intended to be used after your skin cleanser or to purify your skin any time of the day. Lumacyn is fragrance free and formulated to remove any remaining bacteria from the surface of your face and to calm irritated skin.