Collection: Wound Care

Sonoma’s wound care products use Microcyn Technology which has been proven in clinical studies to assist in treating wounds and minor burns and accelerating wound recovery times. People who are dealing with minor wounds, cuts, sunburns, or abrasions can use our wound care products directly on the wound site 1-2 times daily before dressing or re-dressing the wound area. Our wound care products work to eliminate microorganisms, which can slow the healing process and cause infection if not treated properly. With over 20 years of experience in wound care, our products are effective, safe for all ages and skin types, and have no common side effects.  

Our Wound Care Collection includes our best-selling Regenacyn Advanced Scar Gel. Regenacyn accelerates the healing process with a combination of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and silicone that allows users to apply our product directly to the wound site. Application of Regenacyn Advanced Scar Gel is gentle on the skin and does not sting, even when applied to open wounds, burns, or cuts.