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What is hypochlorous acid? 

Hypochlorous acid (also referred to as HOCl) has a low pH and is naturally produced as part of our immune system during phagocytosis. When neutrophils encounter bacteria or other pathogens, the neutrophils engulf it, generate HOCl and instantly destroy the microorganism. This process is called an “oxidative burst”. During the activation of neutrophils, these respiratory bursts generate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and the activated granule enzyme myeloperoxidase converts H2O2 into hypochlorous acid (HOCl). 

Sonoma’s patented Microcyn® Technology optimizes our HOCl for superior efficacy and safety, while guaranteeing potency for the life of the product. With virtually no side effects, you can use our line of products as often as needed to cleanse the skin, relieve irritations, and restore your feeling of well-being. 

Is hypochlorous acid natural? 

Yes – hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by your white blood cells so that you can defend against infection and bacteria. If you are injured and have a cut or wound on the skin, or have surgery that leads to scarring, your body uses naturally produced hypochlorous acid to kill harmful germs, fungi and bacteria. 

What is Microcyn® Technology? 

Microcyn® Technology has successfully achieved over 80 regulatory approvals. It stabilizes the hypochlorous acid used in our products to ensure that it retains its antipruritic and antimicrobial properties. Microcyn® Technology not only optimizes HOCl for superior efficacy and safety, but it also guarantees potency for the life of the product. With virtually no side effects or contraindications, you can utilize Microcyn®-based products as often as needed to cleanse skin, relieve minor skin conditions, and restore your well-being and peace of mind.  

What is Sonoma’s Triple Mode of Action? 

Our patented Microcyn® Technology produces a stabilized all-natural hypochlorous acid that has a profound impact on relieving skin irritations, reducing redness, and improving the appearance of scars, using our Triple Mode of Action.  

The Triple Mode of Action in all Sonoma Pharma’s products is:  

  1. Anti-microbial - Microcyn® Technology breaks down biofilm and has impressive anti-pruritic, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties. 
  2. Gentle on the skin - our products work to relieve common conditions while reducing skin irritations, itch, pain, scarring and harmful responses. 
  3. Regenerative – our products are gentle and safe solution that increases blood/oxygen flow to the irritated area of the skin, resulting in faster, more effective resolutions. 

How long will It take to see results? 

Results may vary for each person and each product, so it’s not possible to say exactly how long you will see results from using our products. Our products can be used daily or as often as needed and our customers generally see improvement with daily use in 4-5 weeks. 

Where can I see information related to clinical studies and regulatory approvals?

You can read over 100 peer-reviewed articles here or view our regulatory approvals here.

Over the Counter Product FAQs

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